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Formed at the end of 1904 for fellowship and for service to the State at any time of need, the Legion has been the centre of many myths. The official website sets the record straight and tells the truth of the extraordinary history of those who served humanity selflessly and often made the greatest sacrifice of all. The Legion of Frontiersmen has always held that anyone of any age, colour, creed, ability or disability can be of service to his or her fellows and community through its ranks.

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  1. Garry Trown says:

    Currently researching Private GS-58708,Charles Reeve Beechey. Can you help with any details


  2. We are interested in displaying a photograph of Captain Roger Pocock and his biography in our new museum, The Royal Logistic Corps Museum, in Winchester, England. Capt. Pocock served in the Labour Corps during the First World War, the predecessor Corps to Pioneer Corps, one of the forming Corps of the Royal Logistic Corps.
    I am trying to locate a photograph of him, preferably during the World War One period, if you could please assist or perhaps advise on who to contact, I would really appreciate it.
    Best wishes, Tess


  3. Rachel says:

    Hi, I have a photo of my Great Grandfather in Frontiersmen uniform. We believe he first went to Canada (from the UK) in 1929 (which fits with the start of the Revitalisation period), however we believe the photo to have been taken in approx. 1934. My Nan remembers receiving a gift (a handkerchief from memory) with Winnipeg on it. I would love to get in touch with the creator of this website to share the photo and see if they can share any further insights.


  4. Shari Hutchinson says:

    Hi im trying to find a member by the last name van der velde or velde born 1893 can u help ,this is all i know about my grandfather


    • Roger Pocock says:

      Hi Shari, thanks for your comment. I will pass this message through and get back to you. Admin.


    • Roger Pocock says:

      We regret we are unable to help in this case. We have no record of a Van der Velde or a Velde, although we do not have a full list of members because not every Frontiersmen unit around the world supplied their nominal roll to HQ. If you knew what country and what city your grandfather lived that might help. We do have a Sgt. Van der Merve in South Africa in 1925. Sometimes spellings in registers were inaccurate.


  5. Elizabeth Howard-Johnston says:

    Thank you for your highly informative Article on JOHNSTONNOAD: https://frontiersmenhistorian.info/2015/10/17/a-light-legion-scandal/No wonder we as the grandchildren were never allowed to meet him.  No-one ever spoke about him. Now I can see why. What a Dick Dasterdly personality. My father was Johnston-Noad’s son. They never saw much of each other after my beautiful grandmother Elizabeth, after whom I am named, divorced Johnston-Noad. Again understandably.  The article ended saying Johnston Noad left his memoires to a Museum.
    Could you tell us which museum this was/is so we can contact them to maybe have a copy of his memories? This would be highly appreciated.



    • Roger Pocock says:

      Thank you for your interest. There is much more about the life of Johnston-Noad to be found in the book “Frontiers of Truth”. We will also email with further information for you.


  6. Fred Norian says:

    I have a uniform of the Imperial Frontiersmen, Full Colonel,Red gorget collar tabs, chain mail shoulder boards, ribbons for WWI & WWII service, uniform dated 1946 named to M.C. deMountfalcon, any information please,


  7. Rory K Flood says:

    My Dad passed away in February of this year and going thru his things found pictures of a family member who was a member of the Frontiersmen. Would like to get more information on them and also if there is someone who might want these pictures I have of them.


    • Roger Pocock says:

      Thanks Rory. A reply from Geoff for you as follows. Admin. “We always welcome donated photographs. We digitize them for our archives and then the original photos are sent to our world archive at the Bruce Peel Special Collections and Archives at the University of Alberta. They have specialist conservators and preserve orginal photos, which can deteriorate badly if not properly stored. They are recorded permanently in their files under the donor’s name.
      We compare them with the many hundreds of photographs we already hold and can often provide additional information.
      Please advise which country you reside so that we can give you the address of which member of the History and Archives team lives there. We are a team of volunteers who give our services freely. Thank you for your offer.”


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