outriderThis site is written by Geoffrey A. Pocock, author of Outrider of Empire: The Life and Adventures of Roger Pocock (University of Alberta Press),  The Frontiers of Truth (Lulu) and One Hundred Years of the Legion of Frontiersmen (currently out of print). 

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Formed at the end of 1904 for fellowship and for service to the State at any time of need, the Legion has been the centre of many myths. The official website sets the record straight and tells the truth of the extraordinary history of those who served humanity selflessly and often made the greatest sacrifice of all. The Legion of Frontiersmen has always held that anyone of any age, colour, creed, ability or disability can be of service to his or her fellows and community through its ranks.

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  1. Garry Trown says:

    Currently researching Private GS-58708,Charles Reeve Beechey. Can you help with any details


  2. We are interested in displaying a photograph of Captain Roger Pocock and his biography in our new museum, The Royal Logistic Corps Museum, in Winchester, England. Capt. Pocock served in the Labour Corps during the First World War, the predecessor Corps to Pioneer Corps, one of the forming Corps of the Royal Logistic Corps.
    I am trying to locate a photograph of him, preferably during the World War One period, if you could please assist or perhaps advise on who to contact, I would really appreciate it.
    Best wishes, Tess


  3. Rachel says:

    Hi, I have a photo of my Great Grandfather in Frontiersmen uniform. We believe he first went to Canada (from the UK) in 1929 (which fits with the start of the Revitalisation period), however we believe the photo to have been taken in approx. 1934. My Nan remembers receiving a gift (a handkerchief from memory) with Winnipeg on it. I would love to get in touch with the creator of this website to share the photo and see if they can share any further insights.


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