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Frontiersmen Today 2 Frontiersmen Today Frontiersmen are still active today around the Commonwealth and the world helping the community where they can and also displaying their skills. This page features photos of recent Frontiersmen activities and it will be added to on a regular basis. Photos here show Frontiersmen in New Zealand being of service in their local community; in Selsey, England Frontiersmen are preparing to go on duty in their Land Rovers.

Also in England the competition winning Legion of Frontiersmen Tent Pegging display team show their skills in front of appreciative crowds. In 2001 the Mounted Troop of UK Command came second in the All British Tent Pegging Championship, only being beaten by the Royal Navy. The same year, competing against teams from Australia, South Africa, India and Pakistan in the World Tent Pegging Championship in South Africa, two officers representing the Legion of Frontiersmen came back with several Gold and Silver medals.

Frontiersmen Today 5

The Legion of Frontiersmen believe that anyone of any age, sex, ability or disability can be of service to their fellows through the organisation, which is a registered charity and strictly non-political and non-racial.

Frontiersmen Today 4        Frontiersmen Today 3

The British North America Command and the Eastern Canada Command take part in friendship parachute drops around the world. This is an illustration from August 2003 reproduced by kind permission of SSG Brian Roorda.

Leapfest 2003

Spruce Meadows 2007

Spruce Meadows 1

This picture shows Alison Mercer and Scotty Seymour next to one of the three permanent Frontiersmen information displays. Spruce Meadows is a major equestrian centre just south of Calgary in the foothills of the Rockies. It attracts virtually every Olympic, World, European, and National Show Jumping Champion. It blends the discipline of sport with the communication of international commerce and the goodwill of visitors. It is unique and the Legion of Frontiersmen (Countess Mountbatten’s Own) have received a warm welcome there. The Frontiersmen have become a great attraction for the thousands of visitors to its summer events.

Spruce Meadows 2
Members of Western Canada Command of the Legion of Frontiersmen
with members of Lord Strathcona's Horse 2006

Spruce Meadows 3
Frontiersmen at Spruce Meadows July 2007.

Spruce Meadows 4