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Pocock by Hudson

© Copyright 2002-2015
Geoffrey A. Pocock.
All rights reserved.

The Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth
History & Archives
Laying up of Old Colours
and Presentation of New Colours

by the Rt. Hon. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma
at Holy Trinity Church, Cookham, Berkshire
Sunday 12th October 2003

Holy Trinity Church, Cookham, is of great importance to the Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth (Countess Mountbatten's Own) as it holds the memorial to the Founder of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Capt. Roger Pocock.

Sunday, 12th October, 2003, saw the ceremony of the laying up of the old Colours of the Legion at the Church, and the presentation of new Colours by the Rt. Hon. The Countess Mountbatten, the Patron of the Legion. Strong contingents of both U.K. and Welch Commands were present, and other Frontiersmen had travelled from as far away as Vancouver Island to attend the ceremony. After the ceremony, the Countess Mountbatten took the salute and inspected the Frontiersmen in the grounds of the Church.

As the only true Legion of Frontiersmen, the Countess Mountbatten's Own treasure their links with the Mountbatten family. Those links stretch back to the Countess' grandfather, Prince Louis, who was a founder-member of the Legion nearly one hundred years ago.

Presented below are a selection of photographs. Just click on them to see larger versions.

Cdt.-Gen. R. Potter, with Lt.Col. H. Garner of Vancouver Island, outside Holy Trinity Church, Cookham   R.S.M. S. Gallard of Vancouver Island, with Frontiersmen J. Watkins and A. Flach (recently returned from service in Iraq)   Countess Mountbatten, Patron of the Legion, arrives at the Church

The Colours are marched into the Church   The Countess Mountbatten inspecting some of the Frontiersmen on parade   The new Colour is marched past

The Countess Mountbatten takes the salute   Group photo of the Countess Mountbatten with some of the Frontiersmen present

Some of the Frontiersmen march past   Group photo of the Countess Mountbatten with some of the Frontiersmen present.